Ah Boys to Men

2014-10-01 • Comments

Yesterday we had a crazy hectic day here in the BMDP office and a fantastic reminder about what we are all working so hard to accomplish. We first met Bryan and Brendon Pang as two little boys — too shy to talk — but as transplant survivors they captured the essence of our life-saving work.

From left to right: Bryan, Jane and Brendon

So you can imagine how fantastic it was to all come together again — no longer little boys but young men; and Bryan’s donor, Shi Hong whom we knew as a student is now back in Singapore having completed his studies and joined the Singapore Navy.

What more do we need to showcase how important it is to keep up with our life-saving mission — recruiting more donors, overcoming the misconceptions and irrational fears — and providing that one chance of a cure. In this way little boys become young men and one student truly becomes a hero.

IMG_4833 2
Shi Hong with Bryan (Shi Hong’s recipient) and Brendon holding a snap shot from 2 years ago, when they first met.