Our fundraising team

2016-12-27 • Comments

We can’t give enough credits to APPCO, our external fundraising team! They have been working tirelessly through the Christmas festive period in helping us to raise more funds to add more donors on the register.

Our fundraisers decked in bright orange BMDP polo tee, helping donors to sign up and assisting them with financial donations.

At $200 for each new donors, we need a whopping $3.4 million dollars to pay for laboratory tests and swab kits to add 17,000 donors who joined us last year.

Do note that our fundraisers only accept donation via credit cards or cheques. They will not ask you for a cash donation. For cash donation, do head down to our office and we will facilitate you with it.

To identify our fundraisers, they have a badge card with them to state that they are BMDP’s fundraisers and you can request to see it if you find anything amiss. Alternatively, you can head to this website and check if our fundraisers have the permit to fundraise at your area – https://www.ncss.gov.sg/Fund-Raising-Permits.aspx


If you encounter anyone in BMDP uniform asking for cash donation, please report that person to the police. Each donation is precious and hopes that the experience you have with us is a pleasant one.