Match for Life

2012-05-16 • Comments

MFL_LowRes_Logo1If your organisation or community group is looking to adopt a cause that can make a REAL difference – you have found it!

Match for Life is an ambitious campaign launched to recruit more donors to the bone marrow donor register. It is a collaboration between the BMDP and the corporate sector and aims to take advantage of the communications infrastructure within each organisation to reach out and educate staff on the role they can play in saving a life.

How does it work?

4 easy steps!

1: Send your email to Tell us who you are and how many people in your organisation you can help us reach.

2: Let’s meet up to go through the details – we’ll bring some leaflets and other material to share and agree on the best place in the  office – and book a date

3: Distribute our e-flyer and the Be the One! video and brochures among your team members – at least a week before the date – and PUBLICISE, PUBLICISE – date, time and venue

4: BMDP arrives with our swab kits, our recruitment team and together with your event organising team, we’ll all get to work and share what it means, how it works and SWAB those cheeks

Every new donor could mean another life saved. We need your help to make Match for Life a success!