Don’t look now – there’s a Fundraiser!

2017-07-06 • Comments

What is your usual reaction when a fundraiser walks up and asks if you would like to support and make a donation to the cause? Do you:

1. Stop and listen?
2. Ignore and keep walking?
3. Detour to avoid them?

Admit it! Most people do anything to avoid them which is why we appreciate the work of our fundraising partner, APPCO. They put up with a sometimes very hostile public to help share our message. Without them, we could not have the sustained growth that has enabled us to help more patients. More than just helping to bring in critical funding, they also sign up new bone marrow donors and through their public education, more people are aware of our mission.

Usually in our signature orange t-shirts, our dedicated fundraisers set about recruiting their other colleagues at the annual Brand Ambassador Sports Day. With more than 600 staff, a whopping 233 signed up to save a life. Now that is real teamwork.

So for those who ignore and avoid fundraisers, what else could we do? For the past 8 years, the BMDP has held an annual gala bringing in more than half a million dollars each time and last year we had a flag day which helped with around $20,000 and our youth teams also contribute. But with no regular government funding, this wasn’t enough to plan for long-term growth and provide the professional service that the hospitals need. Plus, adding 17,000 new donors to the register alone cost us about $3 million.

While some argue about the expenses of using fundraisers we consider this a necessary expense when we measure it against the lives we can save. Take Ryssa and Phil for example, if BMDP did not have the funds to add Phil to the register, Ryssa would not have found a matching donor.

Besides fundraising, APPCO also helps build awareness simply by being present in the community. A big Thank-You to our dedicated and hardworking bunch of men and women in bright orange t-shirts! The next time you see them on the street, please spare a minute and hear them out or just say a word of encouragement.