Excuse Me, Are You Ah Siao?

2017-12-21 • Comments

Followers of BMDP’s work should be familiar with our Ambassador, Mr Gerard Lin, or better known as Ah Siao. The last we heard of him was when he trekked 1,000km in 20 days to raise awareness for BMDP and then featured on the TV series “Weekend Warriors”.

We are all curious about what he is doing these days and it’s good to know that he is not off the radar, and in fact we want to share a remarkable story of a recent Ah Siao encounter…

Ah Siao Resized

Ah Siao standing with the Ah Siao portrait in BMDP’s multi-purpose room


Dear X,

If you are reading this. I want to say thank you. You made my day by saying hi to me.

The chances of us meeting is nearly zero. I was not in my running gear but instead concentrating  on my work hunched over a laptop with bleary eyes having stared at the screen for 18 hours. No one ever recognises me despite for all that heroic running for the BMDP and  sometimes it feels I am reduced to a pathetic heap of dreariness.

Then, you suddenly came into my view; radiant and shining light over my world. “Excuse me, but are you Ah Siao? I am a bone marrow transplant patient and I want to thank you for what you do.”

A transplant patient? This made it even more remarkable. The chances of a patient getting a transplant is 1 in 20,000 and then they need to fight through to survival. The odds are mind boggling and what’s the off chance that we encounter one another……

“I am here for my checkup…” Suddenly everything seems minuscule. My work, my worries my troubles.

You regaled about how much courage you took to come say hi. You checked my Facebook pictures to make sure it was really me even zooming in on my specs. I can certainly relate to that. Gerrard is an Introvert once out of my Ah Siao armor of running gear so I want you to know that you really made my day.

We might never meet again but the warmth that filled my heart at this brief encounter, will be remembered for some time to come. So journey on – I hope the work that Ah Siao did will add to the courage that you already have and be a SURVIVOR.

Today I just got news that a loved one who raised me like a son has cancer and might be terminal last stage. Fingers crossed, still awaiting test results. Dreadful news hovering in my thoughts for the past week so thank you for making my day.

Thank you, X! You never know when you might make someone happier. Even with a simple hi. Please continue shining and be lovely.