Save Lives With Your Gift

Only 1 in 20,000 bone marrow donors is a match for a patient with a life-threatening blood disease. Help us in our mission to grow our donor pool to find a donor for every patient. Every $180 enables 1 new donor to be added to our register. Your tax-deductible financial gift gives a patient an additional hope in finding a match.


Your donation is tax deductible and the deduction will be automatically included in your tax assessment if you have provided your Tax Reference number (e.g NRIC/FIN/UEN). You do not need to claim the deduction in your tax form. An e-copy of your tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you.

How we will use your donation

Annually, we have well over 10,000 new donors added to our register. With no government funding, the cost of financing our work at S$3 million a year comes from your financial gift to us. We invest the funds we raise to pay for tissue typing of new donors at $180.00 per person and to provide the highly specialised search and procurement services that hospitals require to support their patients.



In order to grow the donor register, we urgently require additional funding and in support of this, the BMDP has appointed Appco Group Asia (APPCO) to help us raise funds from the local community. The APPCO team are not direct employees of the BMDP although they are all assigned to work full-time on our account and whenever they engage with the public, can be identified by their BMDP uniform.

You may have already met one of our Fundraising Ambassadors around the city. Their role is to help us raise awareness and financial support to give that one chance of survival to hundreds of patients suffering from terminal blood-related diseases.


At the age of 30, flight attendant Nureen was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of blood cancer. A match was found locally and Sheila, a bone marrow donor on our register, jumped at the chance to save a life. Through Verification Typing, she was confirmed to be a perfect match. After a full health check-up, she went ahead with the donation.

Thanks to Sheila’s selfless act of kindness, Nureen is now a leukemia survivor.

Nureen’s recovery is only possible because of Sheila’s generous spirit and the financial support we collected. Without public funding, Sheila’s cheek swab sample may not be on the register and Nureen may still be tormented by cancer.

There are hundreds of patients in our community who are in need of a bone marrow transplant. So help us restore more health and support their journey to recovery by adding more donors to our register.