Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP)

BMDP has selected Appco Group Asia (Appco) as our fundraising partner.

Our team of face-to-face fundraisers extends the capabilities of the BMDP staff, enabling us to focus on our core work of recruiting new donors and facilitating transplants. Through collaborative training and interaction with our team of APPCO fundraisers, we are very confident about the work they do and results they achieve for BMDP as our roving ambassadors.

Since 2013 when BMDP first started working in partnership with APPCO Group Asia, face-to-face fundraising through the direct debit donor programme (DDDP) has been one of our main source of income. At the same time, APPCO has helped recruit a substantial number of new bone marrow donors onto the register each year. This critical work helps provide that one chance of survival to hundreds of patients suffering from terminal blood-related diseases. Thanks to the generous gifts from donors who donate via direct debit, BMDP is able to plan for the future and fulfil the vision of providing hope for patients with leukaemia and blood-related diseases.

Face-to-face fundraisers can be recognized by:

  • Wearing an orange BMDP embroidered t-shirt
  • Displaying an identification badge with their name, photo and ID number

If you require further assurance, please contact +65 63232012 and a member of the team will be able to verify the legitimacy of a fundraiser. For frequently asked questions about DDDP, please click here to find out more.

You may have already met one of our Fundraising Ambassadors around the city. Their role is to help us raise awareness and financial support to give that one chance of survival to hundreds of patients suffering from terminal blood-related diseases.

Please spend a few moments to speak with our Fundraising Ambassadors next time you see them.
They can be found at special events in malls, residential areas and street locations sharing the word and letting people know that every one of us has the power to save a life. They invite interested members of the public — like you — to join the BMDP as a donor by making a monthly gift via direct debit or credit card to provide hope for patients with leukaemia and blood-related diseases.

For rendering its services comprising solicitation of donations and recruitment of bone marrow donors, APPCO levies a fee of 22% (before GST) of the donation it raises. In addition, the processing of donations and the management of the database and donor communications is outsourced to SG Global Support Services Sdn Bhd for a fee not exceeding 8%. The remaining donation proceeds go towards the charitable works of the BMDP in fulfilling its vision or providing hope for patients with leukaemia and blood-related diseases.

Meet some of our Fundraising Ambassadors

Elroy Lin (BMDP Fundraising Ambassador)
Elroy Lin
(BMDP Fundraising Ambassador)

“It was only a year ago that I came to know about the BMDP. I heard so many stories about leukaemia and other blood related diseases before I became a Fundraising Ambassador but I never knew how serious it was even though one of my relatives had it. Working with the BMDP has given me the opportunity to speak to members of the public to help build the local donor register into a true national asset that will enable all Singaporeans to have that second chance.

When I see members of the public being so passionate about this cause; helping out as much as they can, it gives me great encouragement and motivation. It has really touched my heart and I wish that I’ll be able to play a bigger part in helping to save more lives. Spread the word!”

Alex Huang Sihao
(BMDP Fundraising Ambassador)

“It’s shocking to know that the chances of finding a match is as low as 1 in 20000.

I find speaking to members of the public about the work BMDP do, very rewarding. To me the awareness I create for BMDP and funds raised means every patient is that much closer to the chance of a bone marrow match. Therefore, giving patients especially young children a second chance”