A donor for every patient

2016-12-07 • Comments
A donor for every patient
Help us this Christmas!

This year, 17,000 new donors joined the Bone Marrow Donor register. This brings us closer to our promise to find “a match for every patient” who needs a life-saving transplant…but growth comes at a cost!

At $150 for each new donor, we need a whopping $2.55 million dollars to pay for the laboratory tests and swab kits.

Think of us as you celebrate the festive season and make a donation to the Bone Marrow Donor Programme. Every dollar you give brings a 250% tax deduction and your generosity could bring the greatest gift of all – a promise of life.

Donate here and help us save lives!

The BMDP Team wishes you and your loved ones a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!