Hero inspires colleagues in corporate outreach

2015-06-08 • Comments

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Hero inspires colleagues in corporate outreach

The growing trend to give back through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives is providing a major boost to the number of bone marrow donors registered in Singapore. A recent outreach at the Tuas campus of pharmaceutical giant Roche resulted in many employees signing up to the register – and through them, many more will hear about the BMDP’s life-saving work.


Being a good corporate citizen

Around the world, companies are looking past the bottom line as the only measure of creating value. Effective CSR initiatives not only engage employees and provide more meaning to their daily work, but they can also improve company image. Some companies offer employees a volunteer day to work with a cause of their own choosing and others organise fundraising activities but for many observers, these initiatives can seem tokenistic and lacking any real commitment.

In support of delivering a more meaningful experience, the BMDP provides a unique opportunity to empower employees to become heroes through learning about our lifesaving work and signing up to the bone marrow donor register. This year “Cheek Swab Month” will be held in October and the BMDP plans to have one corporate outreach for each day of the month. If your company wishes to partner with us [http://bmdp.org/looking-for-csr-ideas-match-for-life-is-the-solution/] and support our life-saving mission, we can bring our programme to your company. Contact amanda@bmdp.org and find out more about recruiting corporate heroes.


A hero in the room

At the Roche outreach, the BMDP’s Match for Life team shared with employees the importance of bone marrow donation for patients with blood diseases and raised awareness around the process of bone marrow stem cell collection. The team addressed misconceptions and answered questions from participants, who then had the opportunity to swab their cheeks and join the register.

This outreach session was particularly special because one of our earliest donors, Andy Lee, is a Roche employee. He shared his own experience with his colleagues; from what it was like to find out he was a match for a patient, and the actual donation process. He told the BMDP that Roche was understanding and supportive of the bone marrow donation, showing the company’s commitment to our cause.

Andy drew some laughs from his colleagues when he shared that he had four children after his donation in 2002, debunking the myth that bone marrow donation can negatively impact fertility! The SengkangBabies blogger also shared that he was able to go to work, jog and cycle with no issues after the donation.

One of our strongest advocates, Andy urges other organisations to get in touch with the BMDP, and find out more about supporting our work. Andy explained, “I guess it’s from my upbringing – even for my kids, I want them to do good. If you can help somebody, you should try your best to do so.”

The BMDP thanks Roche for supporting our cause, particularly the would-be donors whose generosity could be the difference between life and death for a patient one day.