Is Flag Day necessary?

2016-12-09 • Comments

There has been an ongoing debate about why charity organisations are still holding Flag Days in the age of technology. With a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can set up a donation or crowdfunding webpage and raise fund for their desired beneficiaries.

The burning question for many volunteers is are they still needed on the streets? From BMDP’s point of view, it is a resounding yes!

BMDP Flag Day 2016
Out in full force!


Not saying there is anything wrong with online donation portals and funding sites which have brought convenience to people looking to give back to the community but do not have the time to do so, but when reigniting the kampong spirit is at the heart of our work, nothing beats connecting in person. Flag Day is one of those avenues that allows us to do that.

BMDP Flag Day 2016
Our staff and volunteers at BMDP’s inaugural Flag Day!

We saw the best in the human spirit when volunteers came in groups to support us after hearing our rally cry. They brought their families, kids, friends and colleagues down to locations island wide and tried their best to fill up our tins exemplified through the generosity of one young volunteer who showed up at one of our locations and donated his whole piggy bank to our cause. These special moments keep us motivated and that’s exactly why you will hear our rally cry to help us again next year.

BMDP Flag Day 2016
This young gentleman and his bag of coins to help BMDP in our cause. Thank you so much for generosity!

To all our dear volunteers, we could not have done this without you! A special mention to Fuhua Secondary School, National Junior College and ITE College – East for taking the time to make our very first Flag Day a success!