It’s a Year to Crow about!

2017-02-24 • Comments


Welcome to the Year of the Rooster! We’ve heard the puns – “something to crow about” springs to mind – and the innuendos implied when we call it ‘cock’ but mostly good stuff abounds about our exceptional feathered friend. Except perhaps those unhappy residents in Thomson, who complained loudly enough that the wild jungle fowl (otherwise known as Roosters!) in their area were culled. Personally, I hope they still lose sleep but this time with the hot sweats of acute embarrassment!

On a very exciting note, did you know that the BMDP is actually a Rooster! It’s our special year too as we celebrate 24 years of saving lives and being a Water Rooster, we are known for being smart, quick-witted, tender-hearted, and compassionate. Great attributes, and if we look at the work of the past 12 months, I think we live up to all of those.

Firstly, we engaged with so many people across the island that the register grew by an amazing 17,000 new donors. That’s a huge number and brings our total register strength to 75,000 – more than the Singapore Armed Forces and so impressive for our different kind of life-saving force. And all of them just a phone call away. Which brings me to 171 which is the number of local patients needing a donor which resulted in a fantastic 191 Singaporeans getting a call from us to say they were a potential match.

As we closed last year, 31 Singaporeans donated their cells to help save the life of a stranger who could be in the next block or for 10 of these donors, as far away as the US, UK, Canada and Australia. A total of 50 local patients received a transplant and when you take into consideration the number of individuals that they engage within the family, work and social communities, the impact of our work spread far and wide these past 12 months – so we definitely have something to crow about!

More to follow in 2017 and we still need another 17,000 new donors.  We can’t do it alone – please help us and make some wake-up calls to your company or friends and get them to join our amazing world of unsung heroes who, through a selfless act of kindness, are saving lives