It’s All in the Canvas!

2013-12-10 • Comments
Meet Egg Fiasco as he gets ready to tackle "the wall"
Meet Egg Fiasco as he gets ready to tackle “the wall”

When we looked for ideas to make a really great space for the BMDP, we didn’t know exactly what we were looking for…something edgy that would attract young potential donors with their aspirations and self-concept; and at the same time, a place of privacy where patients and their families could spend time to find out how we could help them find a route to a cure. Hard to imagine – and impossible to describe in colours and soft furnishings.

When our design sponsor offered to bring in a well-known graffiti artist to work with us for a week and create an artwork for the new office, we were absolutely thrilled! However you think about graffiti – and for most of us in Singapore it comes with a delicious taste of the forbidden – we imagined creating something aggressive and edgy but most of all, images that would capture the fighting spirit of our bone marrow donors.

Meet Filipino artist, Gregg – better known as Egg Fiasco – described as a “one man wrecking crew on the street and a true leader in graffiti” he has racked up an enviable portfolio of clients from around the world interpreting their brand on everything from billboards and office walls to buses and art installations. Arriving in Singapore this week to work on our 8 metre concrete canvas, we spent some time with Egg to find out what inspired him to take on our amazing mission and create an artwork for the BMDP that would bring a different dimension to our new office and training facility.

A somewhat shy and reluctant interviewee, Greg admitted that he felt guilty coming to Singapore to help a charity at a time when many people in the Philippines need help following Haiyan – one of the strongest typhoons on record – which hit the country just one month ago. “I have never done a charity project before,” he said, “and I feel good about this so when I go back home, I want to see how my work can help people who have been so badly hit by the hurricane”

Egg Fiasco calls himself an “artist” and today works on a diversity of canvases from the human body, as a tattooist, to buildings and installations. Following has graduation with a degree in fine art, a short stint in an advertising agency convinced him that “expression to order” wasn’t the way for him with all the restrictions of aligning his art to the brand values of the clients. Working towards a broader vision in self-expression, Egg started working on more eclectic canvases and came to the attention of leading design agency F-B-Eye who invited him to Singapore for the BMDP project.

“I don’t know if I would have the courage to be a donor” he said, “but I am very much inspired by the stories I have read and it’s very rewarding to use my art as a way to applaud and thank the ordinary people who do step up and save another person’ life”.

Egg will be in Singapore this week and his graffiti wall in the new office will be open for viewing in the New Year. F-B Eye is an award-winning boutique interior design firm with offices. And the masterpiece is being created using Nippon PYLOX spray paint.