Farhan & Luke Fong’s stories




Caring for your fellow
man is very much part of
every Muslim’s faith

After his wife’s experience with blood cancer, Farhan did not hesitate to save a life. In the midst of wedding preparations 3 years ago, Farhan’s wife Siti was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This trial-filled journey led to Siti’s remission and their long-anticipated wedding. With a strengthened resolve, he helped another patient fighting for her life when he was called up as a match. Knowing all too well the fear and desolation faced by patients, he did not waver despite facing scepticism towards bone marrow donation. You have the power to save a life, why wait?


When Father Luke got leukaemia,
survival depended on a stranger
willing to respond to the call

Luke Fong knew what it was to care for other people but when he was diagnosed with blood cancer, his one chance of survival came down to finding someone willing to step up and save the life of a total stranger. Luckily for Father Luke, a young pharmacist in Chicago answered his prayers. Today Luke is back at work because this ordinary man stepped forward to be a bone marrow donor. The Bone Marrow Donor Programme is part of a global network. We receive an average of 50 requests a month to find a matching bone marrow donor. We desperately need more registered donors, especially from the Malay and Indian communities. Sign up today. With a 1 in 20,000 chance of being a match, you could be the miracle someone’s praying for.