Josephine & Bob’s stories


A Wife, Mum and

She was diagnosed with sarcoma a day before her wedding; devastating what should have been the happiest day of her life. For Josephine that day marked the beginning of her battle with cancer and a long journey back to health. Six years later, after beating one form of the disease and now with a young son to look after, Josephine was told she had leukaemia and her very survival would depend upon having a bone marrow transplant. Her story is one of resilience, courage and commitment, fighting as a wife and as a mother to stay alive‚ simply so she could look after the people she loves.
Being a blood cancer survivor, she appeals to all healthy people to register as a donor and through their actions, give other patients like herself a chance to watch their children grow up.
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For Bob, it is no big deal but
for the one he saved,
it is a second chance in life

As a photo-journalist, Bob Lee was very familiar with the many challenges that life’s journey can offer so without even stopping to think about it too much, he signed up to be a bone marrow donor. When he was then found to be a match to a patient, Bob went on a five day life-saving journey of his own with the total support of his wife. Being a man who works in words and pictures, he documented the entire process and as the proud father, Bob reflects that one day his son will be able to say “my Dad is a hero – he saved someone’s life”.
After exchanging a few letters, he finally got to meet the patient whose life he had saved. These days they call each other blood brothers after the special bonding of two strangers brought together through a beautiful act of altruism.
You might be the blood brother a patient is waiting for. Sign up now.