Valerie & Reza’s stories


First aider Valerie joined
the register with no intention
of backing out

Signing up took just a moment and because Valerie was part of the First Aid Club, she had no misconceptions about bone marrow donation and the full implication if she was ever identified as a match. She knew it was a simple thing to sign up and yet she also knew that one day, if she was called upon, she would honour her word and make that life-saving donation. Just like the patient whose life is on hold waiting for good news, Valerie put her personal commitments to one side understanding the importance of committing to the cause – backing out would be a death sentence for someone who needed help. After her donation, she recovered quickly and has no regrets saving a life. The value of a life is immeasurable, would you save someone if you were the only one that could?


All Reza wanted was a
matching bone marrow

Just before Christmas, 10-year-old Reza was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Normally the odds of finding a matching donor are 1 in 20,000 but because of a lack of Malay donors, Reza’s chances were even less. Today, Reza is a healthy 17 year old thanks to the courage of an ordinary Singaporean who stepped up and donated her bone marrow. The Bone Marrow Donor Programme desperately needs more registered donors, especially from the Malay and Indian communities. If you’re aged between 17 to 49 years old, you could give someone the gift of life.