Zhi Ming & Dave’s stories


Learning from struggle,
Zhi Ming’s extraordinary
action saved a life

Still studying and one of the youngest donors to step forward and help a stranger, Zhi Ming, unfortunately, is no stranger to cancer. He already experienced the struggle it brought to his own family when his father got cancer and this made him even more determined to go through with this life-saving donation. At first hand he recognised how much it would mean to the recipient and her family. Although he could not do much for his father, donating his bone marrow was something he could step up to accomplish for someone else. Ordinary people can make extraordinary impacts on the lives of others – the decision is yours.



Dave’s daughters grew up
with a father because
a stranger saved his life

A proud young father with two baby girls and a gorgeous wife, Dave was diagnosed with a terminal blood disease in 1995. A bone marrow transplant was his only chance of survival. Not only were the odds stacked against him to find a matching donor, but he also needed to survive the treatment. Today, Dave’s two little girls have grown to adulthood and he’s still a very proud dad – and all thanks to a stranger who had the courage to step up and save his life. Joining the register gives you a 1 in 20,000 chance to save someone’s father, son, mother or daughter.