Leading by Example

2014-10-31 • Comments
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Mr Teo Keng Hwa, our 8000th Donor. He wishes to see his children do the same thing too!

Out with the family one weekend, Mr Teo Keng Hwa had no idea that he would end up making history and setting a great example for his teenage children. Approached by one of our BMDP team to sign up as a donor, he admits that his first reaction was to just keep walking – but then he stopped because an invitation to save a life wasn’t something that anyone could just dismiss.

“What example would it be for my kids if I just walked away so I stopped to listen and learning all the facts, I was really pleased to sign up as a donor.” So imagine his surprise when he received a call just a few weeks later to say that he was the 8000th new donor signing up with the BMDP this year and we wanted to meet up.

An Engineer by profession and a father of two, Keng Hwa is indeed a role model and now a very firm advocate for our work. But bringing it closer to home, when asked if he would encourage his children to sign up his answer was “Most definitely yes because anyone is really blessed to be a match and have the opportunity to save a life. Who would not want their child to have that one chance in a lifetime to do something so special?”.