Lunch with LinkedIn

2013-09-10 • Comments
Lunch-time donor recruitment talk at Linkedin
Lunch-time donor recruitment talk at Linkedin

We had a fabulous welcome at the LinkedIn office yesterday – great attendance from the team to join a lunchtime talk to understand more about our work – and almost half those who attended signed up setting a new record for a corporate donor drive.

Many thanks to Tommaso Del Re for being our sponsor but as he shared, “We are each in the business of connecting people and allowing that a search for a bone marrow match can extend right around the world, we share the same global playing field.  The team was very committed to offer their support and we hope to take this further in the future.”

Thank you to everyone for making this happen – and welcome to the BMDP family! As the world’s largest professional network – please do help us reach out to your friends and business connections to help spread the word and see how many other corporates we can reach in the weeks ahead.

Way to go – LinkedIn!