Meet the Extended BMDP Team

2013-11-25 • Comments
Team BMDP after an "ideas" presentation showcasing new concepts to share our life-saving mission
Team BMDP after an “ideas” presentation showcasing new concepts to share our life-saving mission

We have had an action-packed 12 months – reaching out to schools, colleges and companies island wide to educate them about our work. Growing the register remains our number one priority and especially when we need to build a register capable of supporting our highly complex and diverse racial structure here in Singapore. So while it’s always a challenge to engage with people, it is the cost of S$150.00 for each new donor that sets the limit to the number of new volunteer donors that we can actually sign up in any one year.

To help us keep growing and stay on track with our target 20,000 new donors in the next three years, we recently appointed APPCO as our fund-raising partner. I am sure that some of you will have seen them – wearing our brilliant orange t-shirts they definitely stand out in the crowd – be it in a shopping mall or even near your home. Very much part of the BMDP team, the engagement we have shared with the team has been interactive and fun as they have learned about our work, asked a lot of questions and then taken our message out into the community.

Their feedback has also been very helpful, although frustratingly it has reinforced much that we already knew; the majority of people have no idea about bone marrow transplantation as a cure for so many familiar diseases including leukaemia and they are fearful and mis-informed about the actual donation process. Through the work of our APPCO colleagues, we hope the message will spread further and faster into the community and in this way we will not only be raising more funds, but at the same time, we will have another channel for people to sign up.

So, next time someone in bright orange stops you and asks for e few moments – it could be part of our team. Please do engage with them and if you are already a bone marrow donor, then let them know that they are talking to a real hero. They are doing a great job getting our main message out into the market – “We all have the power to save a life”