ON TARGET – 5,000 donors recruited for the year!

2012-11-23 • Comments
From the left: Jane Prior, BMDP President, Aven Lim, Business Analyst at Bayer HealthCare and our 5,000th donor, Marcus Yim, MD of Bayer South ASEAN, May Goh, BMDP Donor Recruitment Manager, and Lim Lu Choon, Communications Manager at Bayer South ASEAN.
From the left: Jane Prior, Aven Lim our 5,000th donor, Marcus Yim, May Goh, and Lim Lu Choon.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with us over the past months – signing up, organising donor drives and sharing the BMDP mission with friends and colleagues that everyone has “the power to save a life”.

With your support we reached our 2012 target TODAY with 5,000 new donors all signed up to the BMDP register bringing us several steps closer to delivering on our promise to find a donor for every patient.

Aven Lim, Business Analyst from Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals was our 5,000th donor for the year – and he got first-hand congratulations from another new donor, Marcus Yim, MD of Bayer South ASEAN.

Many thanks to Bayer for hosting today’s event and also for generously sponsoring the cost of tissue typing each of your staff who signed up. Also, thank you again to all our other partners who have supported the Match For Life campaign over recent months; from the universities and polytechnics, the global and local partners – none if this would have been possible without your belief, encouragement and buy-in to our cause.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Match For Life team and our extended family of BMDP donors. Roll on 2013 – another target and more lives to save.

– Jane Prior