Our Fundraisers’ Continuous Learning Journey

2017-11-06 • Comments

“Even the wisest mind has something yet to learn.” – George Santayana

In BMDP, continuous learning as well as regular training and sharing sessions are some of the ways to upkeep professionalism within the organisation, including all of the staff working for us indirectly through our fundraising partner – APPCO.

Last month we launched an online training module for the fundraising team to keep them abreast of the latest information in our life-saving work and to make sure everyone fully understands the BMDP’s fundraising policies. As our ambassadors who are meeting the public every single day, it is vital that every fundraiser fully understands our work, the illnesses we treat and how we use the funds that are generously donated by the public.


BMDP CEO, Jane Prior leads a sharing and training session for the APPCO team


To give a pre-view of what they can expect from the online training module, quiz-time at the end of the session tested participants on their general knowledge about the work of BMDP. Throughout the fun, laughter and serious learning, it was a great opportunity to reinforce some of the key messages and to clarify exactly how our work is vital to the Singapore community.


All in Kahoots at quiz time with Amanda & Cedric from the Donor Recruitment team


No surprises that the veterans among the team got the top marks, with one exception, proving to the younger, more inexperienced, team members that they know their stuff! Despite that, the learning journey does not end here as they will all be undertaking the various online training alongside the BMDP staff and our Executive Committee. Way to go – lifelong learning!


Top scorers for the quiz-time with the quiz master and mistress, from left to right:
Cedric, ~3.5 years | Grace, ~1.5 years | Jayden, ~4 years | Bing Long, ~4 years | Chong Lee, <1 year