Running for More Bone Marrow Donors

2014-12-10 • Comments
Thank you to our ‘crazies’ who have contributed their time and effort for this year’s Stanchart!

We had 158 runners in this year’s Singapore Marathon, all proudly wearing our running vests and making an orange splash of optimism in the sea of Stanchart blue. They arrived at the finish line with sweaty bodies and aching legs but they did it – making history as the biggest BMDP marathon team ever.

Our message ‘I’m running for more bone marrow donors’, was seen by thousands of runners, crew and the public and our roar for the cause was heard from the Padang to all parts of Singapore. We have shown our fellow Singaporeans the true attitude of a bone marrow donor – passionate, fun-loving, bold and maybe just a little bit “siao”. The team raised over $12,000 and more donations are still coming in – so that means almost another 100 donors can be added to the register – almost one donor for one runner.

Thank you once again for representing the BMDP! Your contribution to this year’s marathon is very much appreciated and we are proud to have you as part of our life-saving team! You are indeed a bunch of ‘crazies’ and everyone should feel excited about making a contribution to our life-saving mission – that makes all the perspiration and sore feet worthwhile!


Thank you once again, dear CRAZIES!

Abigail Chen | Alex Ng | Alice Tan | Alvin Foo | Alvin Quek | Andrea Leong | Andy Tan | Annette Qi
Anthony Lim | Aprizal Chia | Arman Sariman | Arthur Tan | Ashley Goh | Ashley Ng | Axel Tan
Azhari Cuttilan | Beverly Joy Pascua | Calvin Tee | Charlie Lim | Chea Oei Guan | Cheng Long
Chong Jin Hua | Chong Keng Yuen | Chung Leng Leng | Ciseern | Cynthia Wee | Danny Nieh
Debbie Peck | Dennis Loh | Desmond Chee | Dominic Cheong | Dorcas Tan | Elaine Tan | Elsie Wong
Eric Foo | Ezann Eng | Frans Remmerswaal | Gerald Tan | Gerrard (Ah Siao) | Goh Lian Boon
Hafsah Abdullah | Harrison Chng| Henry Tan | Irene Gong | Irene Zhong | Ivor Neo | Jackie Chui
Jaijendra Prasad | Jason Cho | Jason Tang | Jeff Tee | Jennifer Lim | Jessy Chng | Joel Tay
John Lawrence Dela Cruz | John Tan | Jonathan Suerte | Joseph Kwek | Joye Lim | Joyslynn Ong
Karthik Harindran | Kelvin Tan | Kenneth Kwok | Kenneth Pang | Kenny Mok | Kevin Lim | Kevin Tan
Koh Ching Jai | Kris Sherman | Kunalan | Larry Lim | Laura O’Connell | Lee Teck Wee | Liew Mei Fong
Lim Fei Sien | Lim Lin Li | Lim Sin Soon | Lim Soo Khuan | Lim Yeow Chong | Lim Ying Xian
Linus Goh | Loh Jee Seng | Low Kok Yong | Lynn Yap | Mag Ng | Mark Joseph | Max Ng | Michelle Hui
Muk Tuck Sang | Nan Goh | Nel Tulsiani | Ng Kar Tat | Nick Low | Norliza Noordin | Nyang Tze Chiang
Ong Seok Ping | Patricia Cheng | Paul Wong | Paul Yew | Phillip Hou | Quek Ee Meng | Raymond Leow
Regina Zeng | Rina Ong | Sabhari | Samuel Chia | Sebastian Chew | Serene Quek | Shanli Lim
Sharon Lee | Soh Wee Seng | Stephen Lim | Stewart Chew | Tan Boon Guan | Tan Cai Bao
Tan Chee Sin | Tan Chin Chin | Tan Han Teik | Tan Puay Leng | Terence Soh | Theresa Leong
Timothy Ng | Toh Wai Kit | Tong Chee Hong | Victor Ang | Vincent Siah | Wilson Lim | Wilson Quek
Winston Yap | Wong Bao Zuan | Wong Mei Kee | Xing Su | Xu Duan Gui | Yam Sim | Yap Pei Ying
Ye Lu Yan | Yvonne Kong | Zac Chen