Savvy investor making the right decision!

2016-04-29 • Comments
Yong Kai
Our savvy investor, investing in what is safe and right.

Hello, I am Yong Kai, turning 31 this year and I am a full-time private investor. My wife and I love to travel but now that we have a baby girl, those days are behind us. Anyway, I registered as a bone marrow donor in 2009 after coming across BMDP’s brochure during one of my blood donation sessions.

I find bone marrow donation is really meaningful. By the time the patient requires a transplant, he/she has already exhausted all options and have been through chemotherapy, sometimes radiotherapy and this is the last resort. This was what prompted me to sign up immediately.

As for the risks of bone marrow donation? I spend all day looking at the risk rewards as a private investor. Likewise, when I was asked to donate bone marrow I asked myself, “What is the risk?”. I did research online and found no evidence indicating that donating bone marrow posed a risk so was happy to go ahead.

On the big day itself, I checked in at around 7.30am. They did another few blood tests before they hooked me up to the machine. Being a regular blood donor, I found the donation process was pretty similar to a blood donation but just slightly longer – 5 to 6 hours. The upside was having some time to catch up with all my favourite tv shows and it probably didn’t occur to me that I was actually doing a bone marrow donation. All I had on my mind was to check how fast the wi-fi can load and what would my meals be like!

PBSC donation experience
During PBSC donation process

I think all of us, especially the guys are conditioned by Hollywood to think of heroic acts as jumping into a river to save a drowning boy or going into a burning house to save a child. But really it can be as simple as just donating bone marrow.

I would encourage everyone to log on BMDP’s website and read up the online FAQs about bone marrow donation, which will help you to make an informed decision. I guarantee that 90% of you will find that bone marrow donation is a lot simpler than you might have imagined it to be. So putting your name down on the bone marrow registry is really the natural next step for you to do.

Sign up as a bone marrow donor because it is not every day that you can save a life.