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Six Degrees of Separation!


There’s an unproven theory that everyone on the planet is only six steps away – by way of introduction – from anyone else on earth and in Singapore, our world seems to be even smaller. How many times when you meet a total stranger do you find an immediate connection – work, school, church group or sports club – and so the tangled – and wonderful – web of relationships is woven.

So let’s consider the BMDP. With one of our courier team flying in from an overseas collection today, we have delivered stem cells or Bone Marrow to a total of 36 patients. Measured in family members, loved ones, playmates and colleagues who are all impacted by the devastating news when leukaemia or a similar blood disease strikes, the BMDP has directly impacted a huge number of people. I would like to believe that we are separated by just three degrees from all of Singapore’s 5 million population; but however you measure it,  our work brings a chance of survival, hope and belief for the future – and that is the goal that drives us.

So while it is nearly September and for many of our friends out there, 2013 plans are already underway, there is still time for you to help us keep making this life-saving difference. We have our October plans to reach at least 30 companies during the month and recruit more donors – so if you think your colleagues would like to find out more, then please give us a call and let’s arrange a donor drive in your company. Then of course, you can continue to help us by funding our work through a donation and that’s just a click away on the online portal.