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Looking for CSR ideas? Match for Life is the solution.


Do you know that one in six people in Singapore are diagnosed with leukaemia or a similar blood related disease every day?

For some of them, their only hope is to have a bone marrow transplant and that is where we come in.

As Singapore’s ONLY bone marrow donor register, we find a matching donor for these patients. But with a 1 in 20,000 chance of being a match, we need more people to sign up. This year our Match For Life team aims to recruit 7,000 new donors but we can only do this with help from companies and organisations across Singapore.

HELP US by arranging a donor drive in your office – you bring the team and we’ll do the rest!

1. Share BMDP information via the intranet and office noticeboards – we’ve got the templates to share with you.

2. Book a meeting room –  possibly arrange a lunch time talk  – we’ll bring the speakers and the videos.

3. Set up tables for donor registration – it’s just a few moments to fill out a form and a simple cheek swab – and our staff will guide everyone through the process.

And to really help us – sponsor the staff who sign up and make a tax-free donation to cover the tissue typing costs at $150.00 per person.

Taking it further.
And if your team is excited to take a step further, organise a fundraising event for us or participate in a marathon for us this year.

Choose to be a hero, be a part of Match for Life.

To confirm a date for a donor drive or if you want to know more, please contact donor@bmdp.org.

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Roseline with Brendan and Bryan

It doesn’t get much better…

Roseline with Brendan and Bryan
Roseline with Brandon and Bryan

What an amazing week here at the BMDP and the highlight was filming some of our patients and donors for a new video to talk more about what we do. I honestly wish that you could have all been there to put our work into perspective and really understand how we save lives.

We met one young mother of two who was facing up to a transplant-or-else diagnosis exactly one year ago and she came to us with a bloom in her cheek and spring in her step. Having reached that critical 12 month milestone we were even able to introduce her bone marrow donor – and measuring all the things we do, it doesn’t get much better than that. Needless to say, they had a world to share while the rest of us all shared a few tears with the sheer wonder if it all.

Then another mum, Roseline, whose two boys both needed to have a transplant and after some tough financial and medical struggles, they all looked fantastic – and in Roseline we have a fierce campaigner for our cause.

Plus of course several of our BMDP donors joined in – each unique but all excited to share their stories as to why they signed up and what it meant to have this opportunity to save a life. Would you do it again we asked? Yes – absolutely!

Watch out for the video which we’re launching at our Match For Life month starting October 1st and meet our heroes plus some of the very special people we have helped. As I said, it doesn’t get much better than that and even as I write we have patients awaiting transplant, others still seeking donors – and in all of this, everyone can play a part.