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BMDP sets up “Donor Centre” operation

Izrin Al-Edrus, Donor Coordinator

“Please don’t be worried – it’s really just a little inconvenience”, urges Izrin Al-Edrus as he explains to different people from all walks of life how their actions today can actually save someone’s life.

As the donor register expands, more potential matches are being identified from our Singapore database. To support this activity, the BMDP has appointed Izrin to lead a new “Donor Centre” operation. This means that all new donor sign-ups, and those individuals who are identified as a match, have a dedicated Account Manager to work with and answer any specific enquiries they may have; and the usual concern is about what will actually happen during a donor “harvest”.

According to Izrin, “we have more BMDP donors undergoing Verification Typing today than at any other time and this is the credit to the amazing growth we have in the size of the register. Unfortunately, we still have a significant challenge that individuals are often not willing to carry through and make that life-saving donation when the time actually comes”.

The Donor Centre will also implement a buddy system where new donors can meet up and share their experiences with others who have already undergone a bone marrow stem cell harvest. Designed to provide support in overcoming any initial concerns, they can hear first-hand how this life-saving act was a defining moment for each of them and apart from some minor inconvenience; the experience has been a tremendously positive experience in their personal lives.

“It is an amazing experience to be able to find matching donors and to provide them with all the information they need to make that life-saving decision”, concluded Izrin.