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The Year at a Glance!

Here’s an update at the work we have done this year – thank you so much to all who have supported us, let us strive for greater success in the year 2013! We can do it!



Salut! 2012 and a toast to 2013


Happy Christmas!

Hard to imagine the year is almost over; all the usual highlights and challenges and now it’s time to look forward to what next year will bring.

42 families in Singapore  will remember 2012 as the time they grappled with the stark reality that a bone marrow transplant would be the only avenue to survival and fortunately we found a matching donor for each of them. So, as we go into the New Year, here’s wishing all our patients – young and grown up – a successful and speedy recovery.

And all this wouldn’t happen without our fabulous donors and 5,000 very different individuals all signed up to the cause – united by a promise that they could possibly save a life. So if you signed up as a hero in 2012, then please help us and share our mission over a glass of wine, or a Christmas meal somewhere – because the more people who know about it, then the more friends and supporters we have.

Here’s to 2013 – health and happiness for each of you – and another 7,000 new donors signed up to save a life!

Jane Prior


It’s “Match for Life”

MFL_LowRes_LogoOur October campaign has a new name – Match for Life – which we feel is a better representation of the work that we do and the vital role that all of our volunteer donors play when they are a “match” and they can actually save a “life”.

Watch out for more details on the BMDP’s inaugural 30 day campaign as we reach out to as many companies and organisations throughout October to tell their staff what it takes to be a bone marrow donor. Just a few moments to learn about our work and sign up and a commitment for the future, that they will make that life-saving donation of bone marrow or stem cells to save the life of someone, somewhere;  should they be that “Match for Life”…

And with 6 people every day diagnosed with a blood disease here in Singapore, that “someone” could be much closer than you think.