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Standing from left to right: Xinying, Sheena, Kaiqi, Viola Seated from left to right: Nathaniel, Jane, Roxanne

Team Compass-ion Communications visits the BMDP!

Standing from left to right: Xinying, Sheena, Kaiqi, Viola Seated from left to right: Nathaniel, Jane, Roxanne
Standing from left to right: Xinying, Sheena, Kaiqi, Viola; Seated from left to right: Nathaniel, Jane, Roxanne

Enthusiasm, creativity and proactivity – mix them and you get “Compass-ion Communications” – the Murdoch University team who adopted BMDP as a graduation project. In a quick chat with these bubbly characters – all of whom admitted to know nothing about bone marrow donation when they started out – have learned a lot to date and are keen advocates for the cause.

“We chose to represent the BMDP because their mission to save lives touched us deeply,” said Nathaniel Lee, the team spokesperson, “and we felt there were so many opportunities to reach out to the public”.

The team presented their detailed communications plan to the BMDP on the back of research they had done at a community level. “We wanted to enhance the BMDP’s communication channels to better reach out to potential donors and volunteers plus the mission needs all the help it can get in obtaining funds,” said Nathaniel.

“Jane provided us with constructive feedback and we are eager to refine our plan. The BMDP is a tremendous cause and through this association, we hope to not only give them some useful tools and ideas – but also get a boost in our own careers” said Nathaniel.

Spot on guys! Watch out for the Compass-ion Communications video – coming soon!

The team is scheduled to present their plan at the Project Reach conference on 3rd August at the EDB Learning Centre as well as submit a report for grading under their Campaign Management module at Murdoch University.


You are Amazing….THANK YOU!

Jane Prior
Jane Prior

We have had the most walk-ins in the history of the BMDP during the past two weeks plus a donor drive organized by Drew and Napier bringing us to almost 600 new donors.

So a huge thank you to everyone who has come down to the less-than-regal Kingly building – we have been a meeting place for old friends and new alike – and all united in one mission. Almost everyone had visited our website and learned more through the video but one question came around time and again, “I can still back out later can’t I?”

So here’s a story. Sitting in a doctor’s office the final verdict comes; you need a transplant to survive – it’s black – it’s white! and then comes the explanation about finding a bone marrow donor. Most Singaporeans don’t have lots of siblings who offer a potential match so the search request comes to us and the BMDP gets to work. Only half our work is about building the register and every day we are providing a service to the hospitals to find that one perfect match for their patients.

Great news when we do find a potential match but hold off on the celebrations until we do the verification tests which all takes time… and if that person really is a 100% match to the patient, there’s hope and suddenly a reason for all those daunting days and weeks of chemotherapy the patient has had to endure.

Our volunteer donors are not under any obligation and between the day a donor signs up and age 55 when we take them off the register, so many things will happen; donors themselves may become unwell and thus disqualified from donating or perhaps they simply cannot be located. But, if they are available, fit and healthy – does the patient really deserve another stark reality, that the donor signed up, but wasn’t really serious so we all go back to square one.

The answer to the question; yes! of course you can – but on behalf of all our patients, their families and medical teams – not to mention all of us at the BMDP who fight every day to save lives, then please sign up knowing that you really do have a hero inside you.