The Greatest Christmas Gift

2014-12-12 • Comments


It’s Christmas and for most people, a time of the year to reflect on the past months and indulge in gifts and celebrations with family and friends. Here at the BMDP, looking back over 2014, it has been a milestone year with the new office, our 100th donor plus we added almost 10,000 new donors onto the register. Most importantly, we had three times the number of local matches going through to donate bone marrow or stem cells for a patient. This is hugely important for two reasons; local matches can go through the verification typing, medical check-up and donate much more quickly compared to an international match and the cost to the patient is significantly lower. Faster time to transplant is shown to have a significant impact on patient survival rate and with the total cost of hospitalisation and chemotherapy often running into many tens of thousands of dollars, any financial saving will help a patient at a critical and distressing time in their lives.

While Christmas is just around the corner and many companies are putting work aside to start their celebrations, illness doesn’t take a holiday and here in the BMDP we have a number of transplants scheduled over the next few weeks and searches still continue every day. So please take a moment and think about the festive season for our patients and while many of us are looking forward to a new laptop of mobile phone perhaps, a handbag or pair of shoes, across Singapore and all around the world there are patients waiting to learn if they will receive the greatest gift of all – the chance of survival from a total stranger who may live just a street away or separated by an ocean. However distant, we are humbled and truly grateful for all the bone marrow donors who step forward to offer this one chance of hope this Christmas bringing the greatest gift of all to a stranger and all the loved ones who make up their world.

Please help the Bone Marrow Donor Programme this Christmas and make a donation to our life-saving work. Just $150.00 will pay to add another donor to the register and each new donor could mean another life saved. What better gift for today and tomorrow. Click here to Donate

In friendship,