The Spirit of Altruism

2014-04-29 • Comments
When they heard their colleague was in need of a match, they wasted no time to show their support.
When they heard their colleague was in need of a match, they wasted no time to show their support.

“Interestingly, no matter where we come from, most of us seem to have caught on from TV dramas and movies that bone marrow donation is a long and painful process. Today, more than 120 individuals from Deutsche Bank Singapore and beyond have found out that that’s not the case. While this last-minute event was kicked-started in support of a German colleague diagnosed with Leukaemia, it has without doubt created great awareness in Raffles Place – the financial hub of Singapore. We sincerely thank the BMDP team for making this possible!

– Junkai Chong, Project Manager”

After hearing that a colleague in their Frankfurt team had been diagnosed with Leukaemia, Deutsche Bank Singapore wasted no time organising a bone marrow donor drive. In a matter of days, publicity materials were out, brochures distributed and the entire team was invited to show up for a recruitment session in the company’s premises.

On the day of the drive, the Manager “guesstimated” between 10 to 50 people might turn up for the lunchtime presentation; so imagine our surprise when over 120 members of Deutsche Bank arrived to do a cheek swab and send their well-wishes to their distant colleague. Far beyond anything we expected, most people didn’t need the presentation to convince them and were more than willing to sign up with us if it meant that one of their team could find a match and a life could be saved.

We even had to send for more supplies to cope with the huge demand as staff from different races all rallied together to make this drive a success. Yet in an organisation as large as Deutsche Bank, it wasn’t surprising that few people actually knew their colleague personally and all they knew was that someone needed their help and that was reason enough.

To us, such altruistic spirit is often talked about, but rarely displayed to such an extent. And what’s more, they promised to open the door to the other banks in Raffles Place.

Way to go Deutsche Bank!