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There are many areas where you can support our cause: + READ MORE


    Join us on our Flag Days to help increase the chances of survival for patients who need a bone marrow transplant.


    Is sport your thing or do you prefer dining and dancing? However you want to work with us, an even organised among your friends and community can be a great way to raise funds and also awareness.


    Are you a keen blogger and enjoy sharing what you know? Be our online campaigner and help increase the publicity of our cause through various social platforms where you want to be seen as someone making a difference.


    Share your experiences as a bone marrow donor with families and carers of new donors.


    Help us spread the word and encourage members of the public to take the leap of faith to be part of our mission to save lives.


    Use your skills and experience to help out in the office by processing postal swab kits, data entry, and telemarketing.


    Bone marrow / stem cells need to be transported from the place of collection to the requesting transplant centre.

Organising an outreach session

Do you belong to a society, organisation or an institution where you wish to make a difference by sharing our life-saving message to your friends or colleagues? The BMDP reaches out to all sectors of the community to share our cause and let people know that everyone has the power to save a life. Join the fight against blood cancer by organising a campaign to raise awareness of the urgent need for bone marrow donors. Every new donor could mean another life saved. We need your help.

Schools and Student Groups

We invite passionate youth to join us on our mission to save lives - by leading your own project! Tomorrow's Social Entrepreneurs Program was set up to encourage youth initiatives and innovation to create social change in the community.

Our program offers an opportunity for participants to inculcate a spirit of altruism as well as developing their leadership skills and social entrepreneurship. Successful applicants may receive seed funding up to $1,500 to implement your project.

Help us spread the word and encourage your school mates to be part of our mission to save lives. Your efforts will make a difference in reaching out to young Singaporeans and give them the opportunity to sign up as a bone marrow donor.

Download the campaign booklet and be empowered to run your own campaign!

Make your idea a reality - contact our outreach executive or for more information.

Corporate Partners

How does it work?
Contact us and tell us who you are and share with us your organisation’s CSR goals and giving culture.
Let’s meet up to go through the details – we’ll bring some leaflets and other material to share and book a date.
You may download the corporate outreach kit and distribute the e-flyer, recruitment videos and brochures among your staff 2 weeks before the date. PUBLICISE your exciting event – date, time and venue and get the staff ready for the big day.
BMDP arrives with our swab kits, our recruitment team and together with your team, we’ll share what BMDP does and how an individual could save a life by registering as a donor.


  • Keagan and Friends Call for More Donors. Why should you sign up as a bone marrow donor? This video says it all.

  • A Transplant Story - based on genuine experiences, this is an account of a bone marrow transplant.

  • Life-Saving Message from Courts Young Lions

  • Donors & Recipients Stories

  • You Have The Power To Save A Life - A Cheek Swab

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