We Meet Real Life Superheroes at Roadshows & Recruitment Drives!

2017-10-31 • Comments

We call our volunteer donors “heroes” as they have all done something extraordinary to save a life. In stark contrast to our definition of heroes, we meet many people with amazing and almost superhero powers which they bring out simply to avoid us… whatever it takes to not hear our message at any cost!

In a light-hearted look at the battles we face, meet the 5 types of superheroes we meet on an (almost) daily basis…


5 – The Invisible Person

Unknowingly, we are suddenly invisible to people walking past our booth. No one seems to be able to see or hear us calling out for more volunteer bone marrow donors to sign up.

SH 01


4 – Speak To The Hand

Indeed, some people use their hands to do the talking, and it’s almost as if we should take a few steps back – feeling The Force

SH 02


3 – Superhuman Focus

The eyes that can never leave the phone, the intense focus which nothing, not even a second to receive a BMDP brochure, can break.

SH 03


2 – The Flash

Travelling at the speed of light, so much so that there are no way any personnel at the roadshows/ recruitment drive can catch them… at all…

SH 04


1 – The Ice Queen

Gorgeous they may be but these ice queens with a heart of cold just let go of their chance to save a life. Because the coldness just doesn’t bother them anyway.

SH 05


All jokes aside, don’t be sorry for us when you give us the superhero rejection … but you should perhaps take a moment to feel sorry for those patients who are denied a second chance at life. If you are reading this, then chances are you appreciate our work – so maybe stop by next time you see us and cheer us on with our work –  maybe your lunch date or shopping partner would be willing to hear our story.

People may choose to avoid us, but patients can’t choose to avoid blood diseases. Something to think about…