When approached by the “Orange” Team

2014-10-31 • Comments

SAMSUNG CSCThe BMDP is a charity and our promise is to find a donor for every patient who needs to have a bone marrow transplant — which means it is a matter of life and death.

With no government funding to pay for new donors to join the register and to help needy patients, we raise the money we need through the generosity of the public and our own fund-raising events and activities. So next time you are approached in a mall or on the street by someone in a very orange t-shirt and they want to share our story, please give them a few moments of your time. You will always identify our team by their t-shirts which are embroidered with our logo and also they carry information to explain exactly what we do.

Our life-saving work wouldn’t be possible without our amazing fund-raising team — all wearing the colour of optimism — so please listen to them for just a few moments and what you do next, could literally save a life.

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