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In celebration of World Marrow Donor Day 2016, shoppers strolling along Orchard Road came face to face with 50 silver, gold and orange human “statues”, each representing one of the patients in Singapore at any one time waiting to find a life-saving bone marrow donor. Coated from head to toe in body paint, our dedicated volunteers transformed themselves into human statues, standing motionless and frozen in time, making the point that being diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease with one’s survival dependent on finding a matching donor would bring anyone’s world to a standstill.

Different outfits to represent that blood disease does not discriminate!
Nope, you are not seeing things. Statues everywhere on Orchard Road!

Back for a second year to commemorate World Marrow Donor Day, WHEN THE WORLD STOPS was on an even bigger scale. The “statues” were joined in catching the attention of the public by a 120-strong flash mob and one of Singapore’s best-known percussion bands, Samba Masala. The rousing performances raised the decibels of the event and drew the attentions of curious passers-by, bringing their day to a stop for just a moment to learn more about BMDP’s life-saving message. Singaporeans and tourists alike were grooving to the rhythm of the music and stopped to take selfies with our eye-catching “statues” – the ruckus (created for a good cause!) was also captured and posted on citizen journalism site, STOMP!

Samba Malasa helped to raise the decibels in creating awareness for our cause!
Psst…they are not moving. Our dedicated flash mobbers!

Guest-of-Honour Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister for Social and Family Development, joined in our celebrations and also pledged his support by doing a simple cheek swab and signing up as a bone marrow donor. He urged all Singaporeans to also step up and join the register: “The process of signing up is very simple and takes just about two minutes. I suspect that a lot of people wouldn’t mind taking a step forward, but it’s just an issue of awareness and inertia… It really does make a difference and saves lives.”

Minister Tan Chuan-Jin met up with some of our donors!
Leading by example, Minister Tan Chuan-Jin joined the BMDP family!

The event’s objective was to build awareness that blood diseases are everyone’s business and to help us in our mission to increase the size of the register from the current 65,000 to 100,000 by 2018. Only with more donors can we fulfil our promise of finding a matching donor for every patient.

The Project Tomorrow exhibition, which was running at 313 @ Somerset from 12 – 18 September, saw a total of 500 new sign-ups. Do your part by sharing this article and encouraging your friends to join us in providing a second chance at life for those who awaiting a matching bone marrow donor.

Sign up as a bone marrow donor today!

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