When the World Stops: The BMDP Orchard Road Takeover

2015-10-12 • Comments

If you were along Orchard Road a few weeks ago you might have seen 50 silver, gold or orange human “statues”. They were BMDP volunteers representing the number of patients in Singapore at any one time who are waiting for the news that we have found them a matching bone marrow donor. Our volunteers coated in body paint were making a point that your world comes to a standstill when diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease and your only hope rests on the generosity of a stranger.

WHEN THE WORLD STOPS was organised in support of the inaugural World Marrow Donor Day, a global campaign which will take place on the third Saturday every September. An exhibition, ‘What’s Your Story?’, was also held from 14 – 20 September at 313 @ Somerset, to showcase the inspiring stories of patients and bone marrow donors who gave someone a second chance at life. We recruited more than 400 people as bone marrow donors at the exhibition.
Joining the event was BMDP’s Patron, Minister K. Shanmugam, who urged Singaporeans to join the registry: “Saving a life with the BMDP is nothing more than a handful of days for you and me, but it represents a lifetime to another person. This gift of courage, friendship and compassion will go a long way.”

Every year, we receive more than 400 patient search requests and already this year more than 40 Singaporeans were able to have a potentially life-saving transplant. In order to fulfil our promise of finding a matching donor for every patient, we aim to recruit 50,000 new donors within the next 3 years.

Share this article and encourage your friends to join us in providing a second chance at life for those who awaiting a matching bone marrow donor.