Young Rafflesians leading the way

2015-06-09 • Comments

New would-be heroes from Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution (RI) proved once again how they nurture young leaders in another exciting project, led by a committed group of student volunteers. Inspired by the story of transplant survivor Luke Fong and his emotional meeting with the donor who gave him his one chance of survival, more than 500 students signed up as volunteer bone marrow donors over the two day campaign.

The student volunteers began spreading the message of hope for patients with blood diseases, even reaching beyond the strategically positioned booth outside the canteen. The BMDP staff were impressed with the volunteers’ dedication to the cause and their fellow students’ willingness to take time out and learn more about becoming a bone marrow donor.

The successful event reinforces the strong relationship between the BMDP and the esteemed junior college, which has supported our cause since the earliest days. In fact, the first bone marrow donor in Singapore was an RI alumnus.

The BMDP thanks our friends at RI, in particular the student volunteers and their teacher, Mrs Nicola Perry, who has been a tireless advocate for our cause. We look forward to working with RI and all our education partners in the years to come to nurture future leaders with the spirit of altruism among Singapore’s youth and grow the register of volunteer bone marrow donors into a national asset.