My mom is alive today because someone saved her life To you, it was a small thing. But I am alive and all because of you.


  • A year after her life-saving bone marrow transplant, Narita gets to spend some time getting to know her donor.

    Born again through the kindness of a stranger

        In an emotional meeting, a young woman struck down by leukaemia has told the stranger who gave her a second chance at life that words can’t express the...
  • $10 headshot fundraiser Maggie Sim

    A Win-Win Campaign

    It seems everyone is embarking on a run or tipping a bucket of ice on their head to fundraise for charities these days, yet Singapore’s Maggie Sim has launched a...
  • After harvest, the lifesaving stem cells are placed in a cooler bag which is transported by a courier.

    Couriering Through Crisis to Save a Life

      Did you know that life-saving stem cells collected from donors around the world are transported by hand? The BMDP has a small team of dedicated volunteer couriers whose work...