My mom is alive today because someone saved her life To you, it was a small thing. But I am alive and all because of you.


  • New would-be heroes from Raffles Institution

    Young Rafflesians leading the way

    Raffles Institution (RI) proved once again how they nurture young leaders in another exciting project, led by a committed group of student volunteers. Inspired by the story of transplant survivor...
  • Farhan & His Wife

    An act of courage, borne out of love

      When a young couple looking forward to the next chapter of their lives suddenly faced a painful challenge, they found strength in each other. And remarkably, in the trials...
  • A year after her life-saving bone marrow transplant, Narita gets to spend some time getting to know her donor.

    Born again through the kindness of a stranger

      Born again through the kindness of a stranger In an emotional meeting, a young woman struck down by leukaemia told the stranger who saved her life that words cannot...