Charles Loh

BMDP Chief Executive Officer


“A new beginning” – a journey which commenced in 2018 when I joined as the Chief Executive is continuing to gather pace. We are building up a team and adding new capabilities in the hope of fulfilling our promise of “A donor for every patient”

The number of search requests continues to come in at the same rate as previous years. The number of transplants we are facilitating has kept increasing in the last few years. It tells us we must be prepared to work harder for these patients.

We are constantly rolling out new initiatives and plans for marrow donor recruitment. We are building up a stronger presence on social media as well as our physical presence in malls, schools and educational institutions and companies. We are ramping up our public education programmes to educate Singapore about blood diseases.

We know that we cannot do all these by ourselves. That’s why we launched the Ambassador initiative to bring onboard those who are prepared to recruit donors on our behalf by talking to friends and colleagues, and even joining us to conduct roadshows. That’s why we are hoping to see more volunteers to partner us in delivering our services, particularly in the area of donor care and management.

We need you, now more than ever before. Join us at BMDP to give someone that second chance at life. Help us to fulfil our promise of “A donor for every patient”.

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