Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of our cause at BMDP to save lives. There’s so much that we want to do but we can’t do it alone. The volunteer opportunities at BMDP will over you insights on what we do on a daily basis, allow you to meet new people and even learn new skills!

Be a BMDP Ambassador!

Share about our cause and recruit potential marrow donors, empowering them with a chance to save a person’s life. 

Youth Advocacy 

Be a leader in youth advocacy by organising a donor drive in your school! Funding and mentorship will be provided under this programme.

Corporate Partnerships

Amplify outreach efforts by connecting us with your organisation’s HR/CSR team and open doors for BMDP through your network of people/groups you are closely associated with.

Donor Management Volunteer

Support the Donor Management Team in creating a positive donation experience for the donors and their family members. You will also witness first-hand the marrow donation process when you visit the donors during their donations.

Volunteer Fundraiser

Work your creative juices on how to campaign and raise funds for BMDP. Exercise your creativity and even engage with our staff to bounce your ideas off and put those ideas into action.

Office Team Support

Work alongside BMDP-ians in various supporting roles for DRPE, STS and DM and see firsthand what goes on behind our life-saving mission where it begins from our office to the rest of Singapore and the world!

Skill-based Volunteering

Have a niche skill or area of expertise? We’re in need of your talent! For e.g, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Legal Advisor, Photographer/Videographer.