Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of our cause at BMDP to save lives. There’s so much that we want to do but we can’t do it alone. The volunteer opportunities at BMDP will over you insights on what we do on a daily basis, allow you to meet new people and even learn new skills!

Be a BMDP Ambassador!

Share about our cause and recruit potential marrow donors, empowering them with a chance to save a person’s life.

Youth Advocates (for Youths aged 18 – 34)

Join or set up a Club/Society in your school or workplace to raise funds or recruit students as potential marrow donors. Funding and mentorship will be provided under this programme.

Corporate Partnerships

Introduce us to your workplace or hold a sharing session about blood-related diseases with your colleagues to raise awareness.

Volunteer Fundraiser

Work your creative juices on how to campaign and raise funds for BMDP. Exercise your creativity and even engage with our staff to bounce your ideas off and put those ideas into action.