Direct Debit Donor Programme

You# may receive a call from our Financial Donor Service Agent from time to time. The purpose of their calls is to update your personal particulars, share an update of our programme or seek financial donations for BMDP through the Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP)*.

The caller IDs for these calls are:

1) 6323 2012

2) 6653 2916

3) 6653 8053

Apart from phone calls, they may also reach out to you from these e-mail addresses:



Should you need further assistance to confirm the legitimacy of the call received, you can email us at

You had previously signed up as a regular or one-time financial donor.
*DDDP is designed to encourage individuals to donate to the BMDP on a regular basis to help patients with blood-related diseases.


DDDP Funds enable the BMDP to accomplish the work of

  • Marrow Donor Recruitment and Public Education
  • Search to Transplant Services
  • Marrow Donor Management
  • Patient Subsidy Schemes

Thanks to the generous gifts from financial donors who donate via DDDP, BMDP is able to provide sustainable financial support for patients and fulfill the vision of providing hope for patients with leukaemia and blood-related diseases.

BMDP has engaged the services of SG Support (SG Labuan Limited), a commercial fundraising and financial donor management agency, to manage the DDDP. Their team of Financial Donor Service Agents extends the capabilities of the BMDP staff, enabling us to focus on our core work of helping patients with blood-related diseases. 

We would like to assure members of the public that both the BMDP and SG Support (SG Labuan Limited) subscribe fully to the Code for Commercial Fund-raisers (Adapted for Charities) issued by the Commissioner of Charities.