Bone marrow donation does not involve a needle in my spine?

Is it painful?

What are the side effects?

Embark on a learning journey with our owl Olly, as he takes you on a ride through our VIRTUAL ROADSHOW! This virtual tour brings all the fun facts about bone marrow donation right to your doorstep; from "What happens during bone marrow donation?" to hearing donors talk about the bone marrow donation process themselves.

You will also learn about the critical role that bone marrow donation plays in saving lives, and witness patients share about their second chance at life with their loved ones.

Section 1: All About Marrow

Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets - what's the difference? How is it related to bone marrow?

Be informed on bone marrow, blood diseases, and the different methods of bone marrow donation through a short, interactive and educational exhibit.  

Section 2: Why is it Important to Sign Up as a Marrow Donor

Learning about the numbers behind our work, you can find out for yourself how hard it is for Singaporeans to find a local life-saving match.

Note: The significance of signing up as a bone marrow donor is never too small for a patient!

Section 3: Donor-Patient Stories

Hear from selfless bone marrow donors and humbled recipients who have been given a second chance at life. 

Section 4: Support Our Cause

It takes a village to save a life. Now that you are informed, will you take the first step and register as a marrow donor? 

You can also join us as volunteers, partners or donate to fund our cause!