How Your Donation Helps

Patient Subsidy Schemes

The Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (HPC) Procurement Subsidy Scheme provides sustainable financial support to patiens (Singaporeans and Permanent residents) seeking treatment in Singapore.

For 2o2o, we have extended the HPC Producement Subsidy Scheme to foreign spouses of Singaporeans or Permanent Residents and introduced new financial supports, such as post-transplant allowances, in the hope to help more patients during their long recovery journey.

Marrow Donor Recruitment and Public Education

To educate the public on the marrow donation and blood-related diseases, every day we work with all sectors of the community, such as organisations, schools and malls-to hold drives and public roadshows.

Every volunteer marrow donor added to the register increases the chances of finding that unique match.

Search to Transplant Services

Patient requests from local and overseas hospitals come in daily. We search for a potential match not just on our Singapore register but also through the global network of the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA), in which the BMDP is a member.

Provide Attentive Care for Marrow Donors

Once a match is found with a local donor, we walk through every step of the donation journey with them-holding information and counselling sessions to address concerns, bringing them for medicakl work ups, and following up with them after their the marrow donation.